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The Practice of Ethical Leadership


Insights from Psychology and Business in Building an Ethical Bottom Line

Published by Routledge
April 2024


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This book considers ethics as a practical discipline at the heart of decisions, reasoning, shaping, and ordering organizations. Both engaging and accessible, it offers effective suggestions for selecting and developing ethical leaders and invites readers to self-reflect and understand how to build ethical cultures within their organizations and beyond.

Examining the many characteristics of ethical leadership, including love and authenticity, the book uses factual evidence to explore both its positive and negative characteristics. It offers readers an in-depth insight into how ethical decision making can help determine the right thing to do, supported by directly applicable ethical lessons that help leaders become more conscious going forward. The authors provide concrete suggestions for action, as well as ways to develop and understand what is needed to become an ethical leader. Each chapter encourages readers to reflect on their own experiences, as well as engage in discussion with others, and challenge basic assumptions. The book concludes by offering a long-term oriented outlook at future challenges for ethical leaders.

Rooted in extensive psychological, philosophical, entrepreneurial, and business experience, The Practice of Ethical Leadership will appeal to leaders, human resource professionals, and Board members across a wide variety of organizations. This book will also benefit academics as well as anyone who is invested in the fields of leadership, management, business, and industrial-organizational Psychology.


About the Authors


Rick Swegan, authorRick Swegan brings to “The Practice of Ethical Leadership“ over 30 years of experience as a consultant and salesperson focusing on leadership. He resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and operates his own consulting firm, ARCH Performance which specializes in identifying leadership talent.


Florian Engelke, author

Claas Florian Engelke is a leadership advisor and Senior Principal Consultant with Korn Ferry who operates both nationally and internationally. Based in Berlin, Germany, he holds degrees in linguistics and religious studies, is a leadership developer and diagnostician, lover of music, literature, and decidedly critical geopolitical analysis.

Table of Contents

Why Ethical Leadership?

What is Ethical Leadership?

Leadership and Love

The Dilemma of Authenticity

Political Leadership: Causal Interdependencies, Archetypal Fountainheads, and Practical Consequences

A pathology of leadership: Expressions of Misleadership, and the Lessons it Harbors

Competencies and Ethical Leadership

Toward a Stage Model of Ethical Leadership

Toward a Hierarchy of Values

Can You Identify, Select and Develop Ethical Leaders?

Ethical Leadership and Organizational Culture

The Future of Ethical Leadership: Sneaking a Peek into the Rabbit Hole