Services We Offer

Rick Swegan and Claas Florian Engelke each offer services individually. Please find below a list of services each of them offers.
Both of them are also available individually and jointly to speak on Ethical Leadership and the below mentioned topics.



Rick Swegan, author

Rick Swegan provides consulting and services on ethical leadership through ARCH Performance.

Those services include:

  • Consulting on Developing an Ethical Culture
  • Development of Ethical Leaders (360s, dilemma management, paradox-savvy leadership)
  • Selection and Promotion of Ethical Leaders (all levels) through a variety of diagnostics instruments
  • Ethical Culture Survey


Rick is also available to speak on the above areas.


Rick Swegan is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


Florian Engelke, author

Claas Florian Engelke provides consulting and services on ethical leadership.
He is Senior Principal Consultant with Korn Ferry.


Those services include:

  • Value-based Leadership Development
  • Ethical Change Management
  • Key Notes on Business Ethics
  • Ethical Strategy Development
  • Selection and Assessment of Ethical Leaders
  • Polarity Management within Organizations & Consultancy on Ethical Implications


Florian is also available to speak on the above areas.


Claas Florian Engelke is based in Berlin, Germany.